1. Larrivee RS-4 in Candy Apple Red.

  2. '62 Stratocaster Relic in Mary Kaye White.

  3. kieranplaymusic:

    My Mastery Bridge arrived during the week and I finally got around to setting it up and taking a few shots of it. There is certainly a big improvement in the sound a playability. As well as that, it looks incredible! Marvellous design and precission engineering. Killer.

  4. (Source: wanajimmingo)

  6. andrewjelqingjihad:

    Fucking tone monsters on any setting. Science decolonizer with matching cab, warmoth strat/jazzcaster guitar: ebony neck, mahogany body, bareknuckle pickups juggernaut set. Breakdowns for days

  7. gibsongermany:

    The world as it’s supposed to be! #gibson #lespaul

  9. mellowistheyellowsun:

    I post too many pictures of my guitar but I’m so in love urrrghh