1. thedailygit:

    Rickenbacker 330
    see more guitars at Lauzon Music, www.lauzonmusic.com
    all photography by Scott McGuigan, www.scottography.com

  3. Custom 24 in Charcoal Grey.

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  6. samashmusic:

    Used Guitar Of The Day

    Gibson Captain Kirk Douglas SG —- http://ow.ly/CkrGG

    Who’s your favorite Gibson SG player?

  7. chubbuckguitars:

    2007 Gibson SG TV yellow [6.9 lbs] :: rusty fret setup.

    This guitar was not played for a few years so the frets and hardware had tarnished quite a bit.  I used steel wool to clean up the frets and metal polish to clean up the bridge and tailpiece.  The saddle slots were cleaned out with nut slotting files and the loose output jack tightened.  Back in business!

    See previous photo here.

  8. Ele ama Algas S2 loves eating seaweed
    e pular no corredor bouncing down the hall


    Koko The Lemur

    [ Video ]


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  9. Anderson Classic T.

  10. tonedesignlab:

    Stevie Ray Vaughan - No.1 Stratocaster Custom Replica 

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